Between mountains and water.

Mountain is high, the more close to the fog, the dense fog, Qingdai mountains looming in the illusory, really is can be called world first beauty!
Some people may not have come here all the life, some people may only be a quick visit, and some people may live here all my life. There are beautiful mountains, here is the world famous tourist resort — Guilin.
As a way of Guilin people, I was in Guilin, the Lijiang River is proud of. However, the real boat tour of the Lijiang River, I still head back.
Some people are busy with the boat, while some are busy talking, while some are busy with the ships of the past, but I am busy with the camera to capture the beautiful moments.
Li River, mountains. Really, the Lijiang River Hill is not steep, not boundless, not lofty, it is more graceful, beautiful and elegant! The Lijiang River Hill is not a man, because it is not strong, in fact, the mountains more like a bunch of girls: shoulder with a gauze scarf, dressed in green, slim. Elsewhere, the mountain is the mountain, and Lijiang mountain is snail, is the camel, the old – – – – – – this is uncanny workmanship of nature, carefully crafted into a piece of art treasures.
Look! Far from the “rock” is nature’s masterpiece? — legend is at the foot of the hill a couple enenaiai, unexpectedly, one day her husband was arrested to military service, his wife had to day and night thoughts. For decades, the husband is still without hearing a word about. Every day, his wife looked at each day, and finally put himself into a stone. The world situation changes, the sea has changed Kuwata, only this “rock” is still clinging to watch.
Mountain is high, the more close to the fog, the dense fog, Qingdai mountains looming in the illusory, really is can be called world first beauty!
Nine horse painting mountains can be considered the highest in the mountains of the Lijiang river. See! The mountain flat surface such as cutting, uneven walls, colorful, showing a portrait of nine ma. Carefully scrutinize: horse stance, standing quietly; drinking water of the head; neighing head, Yang hoof running, let a person really is odd.
The water is very clear, clear enough to not on the rise will be able to see the mountain; clear even pebbles on the water lines are at a glance; clear even grass girls dance rhythm are crystal clear and tangible. Ciqingcijing, could not help but think of Xu Zhimo’s sentence poem: “green Nymphoides ooze, oil at the bottom swagger, in the health of the river in Cambridge, and willing to a grass.”
Cheng Jing River windingly linger between qianshanwanhe. The two sides Qingfeng changing mix. This is a picture of that memorable picture! The water around the castle mountain ring of water, floating green water lined mountain mountain. Mountain water, Mei, constitute the “Lijiang River landscape” this piece of ink scroll. The boat people, is us, this is the picture point of the eye, the living god.
As the Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu described it as “water — Qingluo belt, hill as biyuzan.” We enjoy the mountain scenery, water is charming, undulating between the landscape scroll.

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