Ever missed a beautiful dawn

Ever missed a beautiful dawn

Night blue set with a Crescent Moon in the sky, I quietly bathed in Moonlight, it was unjustly affected my thoughts of the past.

Once upon a time, I look for fantasy I, ignores the reality of the real me.

How many days and nights, my window alone and obsessed with looking back, eyes wet with tears, memories that split like cry like loneliness, memories that walk out of the rain. Chewing the memory wire, don’t let it take away those precious in my life people and events. I have lost my mind, I can’t face has lost its pain. I know, I lost a beautiful dream, but I was powerless, the fluent verse in the dark quietly slide.

Bleak autumn brazenly dance, I want to talk to streams, rolling West wind, than yellow and thin.

When I close myself in the narrow world of its own, more worthy of bitter things I lose than I remember, those who love me and I love; I lost the course of life, in the boundless Ocean I know what measures can not be found parked on the other side.

When I open the closed curtains, strands of golden light cut away the dark, the rain wet memories and unforgettable pain upon death.

I carefully out of the unlocked door and forced to breathe the taste of the Sun. I looked up at the sky, Cirrus sativa floats, like a piece of silk yarns, sometimes like a feather, down some hot pieces. I know that in the past was empty, the big black funeral has come to an end, I must reject the lost self, to look at the world through the mind of a window, to find the ultimate destiny of life and happiness.

In the past, I never found use of beautiful eyes to appreciate the world of sunrise or sunset. I’ve never been in the ocean of life followed the compass, was clear about where they should be and carefully into the ship of life, but I see now that I must hope, clear the course of life, and the rough sea to fight, to fight. At the end of life, to enjoy the unparalleled dawn.

I firmly believe that there is no bigotry, no come; no dark of the night, there will be no dawn bright, no memory of that lost, there would be no real new to me. I believe in the years to come, in my youth on the fertile fields, green leaves on the tree of life will be full of affectionate smiles.

And that Miss Dawn, eventually recovered in the night of the autumn moon, and hope along the moon to life.

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