If we cannot meet

If we cannot meet

If we haven’t met, I am that I, to sleep Perchance to dream, then, began run day after day, drowning in the hustle and bustle of the city.
I know the world has such a you, only you can make person aftertaste, only you will let me.

If we haven’t met, I will not believe that one can never get tired of watching, and just meet some one feel warm. Knowing that cannot meet, why is haunting me? How can deeply appreciate what I call away, what is near, far distance close in my heart.

If we never meet, never thought I’d be worried about a people far away. I have a deep desire, wish you happy every day. Subtle feelings are true, subtle greetings are very pure, subtle longing is deep, a touch of blessing the most real. Everything is done to you in the fantasy.

If we haven’t met, I didn’t know she had such a habit, collect your laughter, collect your feelings, collect all your.

If we haven’t met, I can’t experience loneliness and sorrow, a sense of moving, stirring tears mood to sleep.

If we haven’t met, I will not keep a person’s imagination, even though it inevitably lonely and helpless, but I still hold on to the dream.

If we haven’t met, how can I understand a man’s loneliness is known, but they can feel anxious and helpless. The vicissitudes of the tearful, infinite confusion, since I met you, will have a deeper meaning. Why when in love, always with a touch of heartache?

If we haven’t met, how do I know the true meaning of love. Must be destined to dance today love to synchronize. And you can not be the same way, or with you.

If we haven’t met, I was still me, you are still you, will just miss out on the most beautiful adventure in life.

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