Son fishing

I look around the fish, a pair of father and son caught my attention. They are fishing in their Shuicheng quietly. Father, then let go of the hold two big enough to make me as cheerful as a lark. His son was about 14 years old, wearing a tall, simple rubber waterproof boots standing in the cold water. Two have a bite, but are struggling to escape. Suddenly, boy fishing rod suddenly sink, sent a little put his whole being dragged down, spool turning swiftly, the moment a fishing line is pulled out of the far away.

I was surprised to see the fish jumped out of the water, and I was surprised to see the fish in the water. He caught a king salmon, the head is not small. Partner Paul whispered to me, very rare species.

The boy calmly and fish is a tug of war, but strong currents and the big fish vigorous struggle, children gradually pulled to covered with the edge of the vortex downstream of the deep water area. I know that once the salmon reaches the deep water, it will be easy to escape. The father of the child although early to your fishing rod inserted in the side, but without saying anything, he just stood in place on the son’s every move.

Once, twice, three times, the boy tried to take-up, but each fishing line are at the last minute, flung down channeling tour to, salmon apparently doing their best to Sham Shui Po District closer. 15 minutes later, the children began to support not to live, if you stand in the distance, I can see his trembling arms are resorted to a last effort struggling to seize the fishing rod. The cold water will not prevent the edge of Jane high boots. Wang Guili deep closer, Yugan kept twisting around. Suddenly the child disappeared!

A second later, the boy from the river popped up, frozen purple hands still tightly on the fishing rod. He pulled off the face of the water, and began to collect the silent line. Paul grabbed the nets and went up to the children.
“Not!. The boy’s father said to Paul, don’t help him, if he needs our help, he will be required.

Paul nodded, stood on the bank, holding a fishing net.
Not far from the other side of the river is a thick bush, half of the trees are not in the water. At this time the salmon suddenly changed direction and went straight into the bushes. We are ready to hear the sound harsh off line collapse. However, at that very instant, forward toward a boy, followed by salmon into the dense bushes.

The three of us were all alone, the boy’s father called his son’s name, but his voice was drowned in the roar of the river. Paul wade to reach the shore, we sketch salmon caught. He stirs withered branch to one side, the boy hugged the hard won the salmon from the bushes backwards to withdraw, efforts to maintain a balance.

His thin body due to cold and excitement and shivering unceasingly, between the arms and chest tightly clip a about 14 kilograms of king salmon. He took a few steps to stop, and then took a few steps back after the balance. So stop and go, the boy finally slowly but safely back to shore.

The boy’s father handed his son a rope, so he put the fish tied strong, bent down to hold his son ashore. The boy lying in the mud on the ground gasping for breath, but the eyes never leave their booty. Paul carry a portable scale, out of curiosity, he asked whether the father can make him call salmon in the end there are multiple. The boy’s father did not hesitate to say. Excuse me, my son, this is his fish!

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