Su Yun

Su Yun
People said that the United States and Suzhou, dynasties describe its gentle graceful and beautiful chapter is too many to count.
Yu Qiuyu teacher in “white haired Suzhou” in the phrase “. Suzhou is Chinese Culture Tranquil backyard”, to truly grasp the soul of Suzhou.
Suzhou does not have that kind of “Time will not wait for me. urgency, seize the day, she is so elegant and pure, behavior among all with a daughter of a humble family aura, the breeze water leisurely. Look at the Suzhou cultural heritage: Pingtan, opera, and music are all with a faint, blurred feelings and embroidery; Song Jin, is only in the gentle quiet can produce art. Maybe it implies the hermits indifferent, quiet ambition, will attract such civilian politicians, Shang Jia rich to live here also will have the best set of garden water essence wu.
Those exquisite works of art, the layout of the most unique place in the final analysis is a “song”. You in the hope of flowers to a quaint plain pavilions, can be to go into them, but the road is tortuous. May be after the title of Hongru portal, through the powder charge Chuzhan lotus, after crossing light flickering through the corridors, roadway and a bluestone, deep and shallow, obviously secretly experience. It is with this experience, in order to make people get the feeling of click into place.
In the song, Chinese ancient culture blending with the “Qu Zequan” philosophy means. The garden route of the song, it is a deep meaning to visitors.
This is also the mountains multiply and streams double back, dense willow trees and bright flowers, the taste of life.
With many twists and turns / elegant studio hall is home gardening solid masterpiece, and those with flowers, but also pains. Through the square to see countless exquisite tracery, with plum wind hearty, see not the colorful charm, invisible Yudabajiao clear, invisible wind lotus freehand, invisible Wisteria Yiyi elegant, not as the dew wet blue mystery.
Think carefully, this deep exquisite garden only in Sau Suzhou won’t let a person feel awkward. Only a short while ago, saw a paragraph, slightly modified, can be like the end of the text of the:
Suzhou, calm, delicate, simple, and full of a situation to see the mature, gentle beauty contains high tenacity, is slowly stretch downs, there is a kind of cool air, inadvertently heard moist Wen Ya’s fantastic, amazing.

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