Taste of love

Love how deep the injury is deep, the situation has multiple pain. Love is often the pain of cutting one’s body feel the most pain, this woman, so women always get hurt.
Women often in static single night to take an emotional journey, let affective bateau reaching as far as the lover’s heart the ferries, foolishly believe that the lover’s heart is your heart shore to the full for your waiting.
So in love and happiness in life waste own fantasy woman, but not for the woman man waiting quietly.
Life is a woman hopeless watch, but the world is not the end man exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful reading style.
“Love is easy to keep difficult” is the man old excuse.
A woman’s life just a “I love you”, men sometimes mean even a look in the eyes do not want to pay.
Sincere love is the woman to have a home. Crashed through the man hard and lonely, her meticulous, gentle happiness, shredded men petty jealousy and her sea as liberal.
Worldly woman, the original is beautiful.
The woman in the dew of love is an angel.
A woman in love is a beast.
Angels and wild animals are only one step away.
Woman, some life all have a reason and calm, some life is in a void of joy.
Paranoid, crazy, love is a woman with the extreme, this is precisely the origin of women and men in lose lose their.
So, the woman is sad.
Women will not dominate their feelings, or self Immolation, or burned.
Women love to shed tears, love for men to tears.
Woman all the tears seemed to be to her love of people, life in pined for her lover as a moment accept her eyes watery sheen.
When a woman’s tears can break a man hard and lonely, the woman is clear, charming, and when the woman is happy; when a woman’s tears can not moisten man’s heart, the woman is stupid, miserable, then love for a woman will be a disaster, men of pride and self-esteem will become the woman’s life are insurmountable barrier, a woman’s tears life are not dry.
Women do not want to conquer the man with tears, the man thought that the woman’s tears have become the helpless in his life.
A woman’s tears no one read. But a woman without tears is not a state, it is a terrible calm, is the sound of death.
The woman in front of her loved ones is always weak, their tears tell love resentment.
A woman who does not shed tears is a woman who is lacking in style.
Only know the tears of a woman is not know how to love a woman.
So, men can’t ignore women’s tears.
Women often in the dark search his lover, and repeatedly asked in heart, isn’t it really is to find the life I love love me??
A woman’s eyes are always higher than the top of a man’s head.
Fall in love of women, are willing to mediocrity in the life of men, they are willing to be happy in such a satisfaction.
Men are often this time began to feel boring, women are still exaggerated to enjoy the empty happiness.
The thought and action of men dominate in love with his woman, his quiet breathing a knowing smile, will make women feel the air of mild sunshine bright; men a slight frown, will make the woman’s heart tremble, cold ray eyes, even let a woman’s heart bleed.
Fall in love with a woman, the heart is the most sensitive to the most vulnerable.
Men can never understand the feelings of women love.
Men have many reasons to ignore women, women will not be too many reasons to ignore the man.
Hearts filled with love and without the presence of women love is melancholy, Ao, such as a strain of snow in the wild plum, icy beauty do not conceal a heart burning. Their loneliness with their beauty, tolerate emotionally barren, but deep inside always call the truth, expect people to admire the beauty of flowers circulation of eyes of the surprise.
If the woman is a flower, she would open one, Tujin finally a wisp of fragrance, until it becomes a fragrant soul.
The full meaning of a woman’s life seemed to be looking forward to love to come, don’t care wait much samsara, only care about a heart to heart gather, let the passion burning, even long life concentrated for the moment. A woman may love in affectionate gaze died suddenly, and that will die very true to life.
The man deplore the eyes, let a woman loving and charming. There is a man deeply loved, a woman will be the first day of a beautiful and vivid. The man whispered Yingying warm the heart of a woman.
My end is no regrets, a woman’s life for a man and haggard.
The woman who can’t get the love is pale.
The old woman is lost love.

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