The sentiment of autumn

Autumn, what a familiar word, every year experience, but often sad, since ancient times, it has represented the desolate and bleak.
It is autumn, leaves, when a piece of yellow leaves falling down from the sky, seems to represent a life is ending. It is autumn, there will be withered, every autumn, everywhere yellow as autumn leaves around.
To see the withered leaves and branches, the summer when the peony bloom elegant, can not help but feel that the fall was so cruel, not hesitate to take away the most beautiful moments in life, without any sympathy. Some also survives, also on a layer of frost covered, completely lost the spring angry.
Accompanied by bursts of rain, gradually feel a trace of coolness, such a cool and completely expelled the winter bold, fresh and spring summer passion, such a cool, let me to feel more like is vegetation in the spring and Autumn period.

Birds wail, for the autumn had added a sorrow. Look to the sky, the sky never showing blue, no trace of clouds, become empty. The summer sun seems to have lost the dignity, reluctantly issued a faint light, is the old moment. The sunset in the west, but also to this bleak world leave the last shadow, and slowly to the west to exceed, disappeared in people’s field of vision.
As night fell, the moon shuttle back and forth in the clouds, flickering, in further afield, ambiguously gleam some stars, in the stillness of the night, I walk alone at home in the yard, thinking such a problem: autumn is actually a kind of season?
Autumn, often quietly, and quietly away, there will always be some beautiful things away. But it is not sad, flowers will bloom when the next spring comes, will be my new. Autumn is fair, there will be spring and autumn, are indispensable, the four seasons change, make life more colorful, autumn is not natural, it makes me grow up, also make me more know, life is actually can not be separated from the fall.
Sky grey lovely, a clean the autumn, leaves falling one after another. After turned into the soil that moistens the withered tree, want to greet the arrival of spring next year.

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