The train left the station

It was a few months ago.

That evening, just sit back from Guangzhou to Qichun by train. Sitting opposite me is a young girl, until the train quickly started to get on the bus, a delicate and pretty boy to help her put the luggage on the train. The girl just sat down, the train started. Two the child suddenly seemed flustered being at a loss what to do. Asked to know, the purpose of the girl’s trip to Guangzhou, the boy is her boyfriend, is deliberately sent her on the train. The boy is a network management of Internet cafes, while going back on the night shift. Who knows that the boy is still in the car, the train starts.

Like to see two people in a hurry, next to the visitors have to develop, some say in Wuxue get off, and then take the bus back; some said the Jiujiang to get off, and then take the train back to Qichun. After a while, the boy called to Qichun passenger station, that Jiujiang to Qichun train only second days of the day, there is no other frequency of the evening; and Wuxue to Qichun bus has been no car. So, I suggest that the boy in Jiujiang, and then take the bus back to Jiujiang, is a large, multi car. So they take my advice. To the after coming back from the bathroom, I saw the boy standing in the girl next to the aisle, and suggested that they go and sit in the door of the carriage, where the seat is empty, I help girl look after the luggage. Two people thanked me, went to the next car.

An hour later, to Jiujiang, the boy got off, the girl sat down opposite me. This time, we began to talk. The girl told me that she and the boys are 92 years, two people are junior high school students. The boy in the county an Internet cafe to do network management, this is the second time to send her on the train to get off the train and was taken away by the train. I can not help but envy to say a: your boyfriend is good for you. The girl smiled happily, and said the little boy’s good. 

The boy in the county an Internet cafe to do network management, low income, they are very save, but always give her to buy a lot of her favorite zero. Sometimes she fell asleep at the boy working in the Internet cafe, woke up, there will always be more than one jacket, boy. She said she had asked the boy’s family situation, the boy said parents are at home. Once she called at the boy’s house, the phone is the boy’s father, she asked the boy’s mother, this is the original boy’s mother had died, at the age of seven. I can’t help wondering, ask: Why did he lie to you say his mother at home? The girl said, that time she was very angry, and then face to face questioning the boy to cheat her. Who knows, she has always been to show the utmost solicitude in front of her boy is crying. The boy said, afraid she knew he didn’t mom, worry she was afraid of her mother-in-law and don’t fall in love with him.

My heart slightly shocked, an indescribable sensation: This is a lovely boy! As he dote on the girl, and this is how happy! Although less than a year, but many older people know love. In order to his girlfriend, at the expense of their own; for the sake of not let his girlfriend feel wronged, do not hesitate to make good faith lies. This white lies behind, childhood mother grief, who knows he secretly shed many tears? Nine eighteen years old, or a child, but he has a mature heart of the vicissitudes of life. After his mother’s death, and the father of him, not only learned how to take care of themselves, but also learn to take care of his beloved girlfriend. Not only in life, but also the girl’s feelings, he is careful to take care of, in order to be afraid of love girlfriend injured.

The age of eighteen, encountered such a love enough ~ ~ not puppy love to encourage individual extreme disapproval puppy love ~ ~ I want to say is that this lovely boy is a people who understand love, because in his heart to love, to pay ~ ~ love because of varies from person to person. Some people love teenage will come, and some people love it until almost middle-aged belated ~ ~ no matter what age encounter love, if love each other, must treat wholeheartedly, love diligently. Small snacks, though in the house, cars, front of jewelry worth mentioning, but is ten years old, he can give you the best of everything. True love is priceless, he gives you, is one of the most sincere heart. And can give you a house, car, jewelry and other valuables of the people, even though he does not rule out that he is really love you, but you can determine, he is the most true heart, to you? Perhaps each person’s love view is different, modern society, love is more and more utilitarian, more and more practical. However, experienced love of people, once you, really did not be that hate can not for you all the silly boy moved? Even if you do not come together for some reason, many years later, one day, suddenly reminded of a certain scene, the heart will be full of warmth, because the people make you feel the happiness of love. Despite the passage of time, but still thank the man who gives you the blessing and deeply moved, in the heart of the.

A man who truly understands love, and who is able to give love to each other, is a man worthy of love. If return to eighteen years old, can have a section of such pure sincere love, I think, my youth should have nothing to regret. Two so, dear friends, good love! Great friends sincerely bless you! If you have been love unabated, as if I were the girl, a few years later, at the wedding, I will personally to the boy, not, it should be my bridegroomaid: “dear, today I solemnly to trust myself to you, please take good care of the rest of my life.! Come on!”

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