Yuanjiang travel

Since the holiday more than this has been more than January, the prisoner in the three party room and all day long. When this July, the day is stuffy to be impatient. At noon yesterday, so to go out to the east line, the bridge. On the bridge, overlooking the river walk. Back to the Qing River, flood exposed and yellow, clear yellow two also separated. Under these circumstances, it looked angry. Through the bridge ladder, go straight to the river Baieryu step. Look away, Yang Shucheng, willow trip, during a stroll, birds, insects, can be heard without end. The happy scene, beautiful voice, to cool. If the impetuous people for this, restless heart will forget everything, the interference of the mundane worries. Turn right, across the river cliff, a precipice, if ax knife cutting ear. Craggy rocks, rock mixed in the meantime, a tower standing on the cliff, Qiao ran tiancheng. Tower against the river, little mountains, sparkling water, river water is a shadow figure.

And move on, for a long time, the government to the wharf, the white bar green willow, has fun. Just as the sunset, the visitors gradually, or for the old and young, or young couples, lively scene as the Qingming river. On the side of a peak, a pavilion sits, flying wing angle, exquisite state, to the eyes. A temple at the right side in the valley, three phase Ming, yellow walls and black tiles, green trees and red, has contrast. But don’t believe dear, this view of rose!
The clear sky, blue river. The breakdown of life, if the smoke in the past. The life of gains and losses, if the middle of the river and, everything in the world, with no desire of the heart to be. Happy, if not on the Yuan Ming fame; on ambition, not the heroic life, Taibai; theory than Ruan Ji crazy. Then I can be a man, a self, and a man.
July 2013 eighteen day trip to Yuanjiang.

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